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zimbAbweAn CUISINE With a modern twist

What's fudu about

“ Ukama igasva hunozadziswa nekudya”

Food has played more than just a functional role in our culture, at weddings, holidays, family gatherings, business meetings and dare I say funerals, it seems to provide the intangible essence that strengthens the bonds between a people. Throughout Zimbabwe food is inextricably linked to our lifestyles and cultures with diversity just as rich. 

As our perception of dynamic accomplishments give birth to new and varied art forms and practices we believe that food grows and diversifies as any craftmanship or language and indeed must to endure and remain current in this world of text, speed and immediacy. Food is something to be played with, fused around, hybridized with all the assorted media (spices, foreign ingredients… uh oh… yes we went there) and can be revered as another platform of art to give pleasure and still be authentically Zimbabwean, while capturing the eternal range of unique colors in the flag of variance that defines what it is to be Zimbabwean.

Ramai Murisi

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